Genoil's ZEC Miner

still crashes, that did not help

Hey Genoil,

So the v.3 finds all 4 rx480s on my system but then crashes. I noticed one funny thing in the AMD drivers in my both systems.
The system on which miner runs fine has 'atikmdag.sys' this system does not have win 10 anniversary edition. Its running 1511 version of windows.

The system on which miner does not run , does not have atikmdag.sys. its anniversary ed. 1607

Both are running 16.9.2. Claymore's dual miner works on both flawlessly. I hope you can figure out something that I am unable to see.
Thank you

wake up genoil!!!!

less than 20 min to iniciate the zec mining for real

Seriously chill out, it has a slow start.

nicehash windows miner for amd is also unreleased yet

So I am not getting anymore crashes with any of the miners in that last zip but they are all finding 0s/s. Big step in the right direction but not sure where to go next.

Win 10 , r9 390
getting this
Using OpenCL platform: AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing
gpu#0: Hawaii
zec#0 compiling kernels/
errorz:e c#0c lcCormepaitleiCnogn tkeexrtnels/

Nice work! Unhappily it is making my terminal crash on Windows 8.1
Would love to help you debug it.
How can I do?

This is what I’m getting with 1,5,6,7,8

anybody can run this on 280x ?

nope. sadly not. i tried.

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Order books for ZECBTC and ZECUSD are now open and accepting bids. Deposit wallets have also been enabled.

sorry ZEC not enabled for Deposit wallet

Which Exchange may I ask?

Bitfinex getting ready to rock

Kraken allo open ZEC

why i have this problem???

On genoil’s 0.32
but now 22.3 h\s …

new problems…

and one more new

win10 r9 390x 0.3.2 crashes

same problem same os same gpu