Genoil's ZEC Miner

Bitfinex getting ready to rock

Kraken allo open ZEC

why i have this problem???

On genoil’s 0.32
but now 22.3 h\s …

new problems…

and one more new

win10 r9 390x 0.3.2 crashes

same problem same os same gpu

280x doesnt work for me, tried all starts. ideas?

This sucks... I have plenty of 7970's, r9 280s and r9 380's in my rigs!

Where is support? Someone help?

Not working on Windows 7 ultimate with R9 290 0.3.2
I am able to run test 1,2,3 the others including start.bat crash inmediatly.
Now I am not a pro at this stuff so I have no idea if any of this makes sense but if I look at the zcashclient miner then I see it has 4 kernel files 2 with and 2 with x.h your miner has 3 of those files. Maybe the problem are those kernels? My computer never reches the 'loading binary kernels' state so not sure about that... Also I am able to run that zcashclient miner, only to see that that dude configured the miner for one single pool and no way of connecting to the suprnova pool.

Can you send a link for this driver ? I only find 16.10 version

Total fail. flashes terminal for a second, disappears. Then nothing. Suggestions?

I have Ellesmere and do ~15 S/s have runing for 4 h NP...

But: NiceHash error: Not using extranonce.subscribe. Mining performance is degraded ?

/ Nimos

Would an old hd 5770 work as ive got lots of rx 470's on the go :slight_smile:

It's kind of running but it's doing 0S/s ,,, I am using AMD 7850 GPU

put in second r9 290 and -g 0 1 crashes

Your miner does not support extranonce subscribe, thus you may not reach optimal performance on NiceHash.

The batch file keeps on closing on the 5770 so i might just leave it and focus on the rx 470's

Lay out . bat and screen..