GitLab is not friendly to Tor users


I was not sure where else to post this so I hope it is ok if I post it here. @paige

I am attempting to edit an issue that I submitted here:

to fix the formatting of the way the denominations are listed (they should be on different text lines, the denominations each need a double-space after them to add a line break).

When I attempted to submit my edits, GitLab had me do a seemingly endless amount of CAPTCHAs. I eventually gave up. I never had this problem with GitHub. Is there anything that can be done to make the spam detector less sensitive, or remove the use of CAPTCHAs altogether?

Regards, dp


I think it will take some time for them to verify whether you are a person or bot. You just have to go through this process just like all of us does until we atleast gain credibility.


Thanks for the heads up! I couldn’t find other complaints on the internet about using GitLab over Tor… that said the spam detector is most likely GitLab-wide. The project settings don’t get that advanced. Can you write to GL about the issue?