GPU mining rigs European supplier London based Vega RX580 NVIDIA 1070 1080Ti single mining rig to farm setup


Finally, after months of restrain, it seem that graphic cards prices are starting to fall again to a manageable level.

I can confirm today (limited) availability for:

Same prices as 2 months ago.
Lead time 5 days.
Final price need to be confirmed at the time of the order (due to market fluctuation still)

RX570 & RX580 GPU prices are still too high.

Get in touch,



A little update on the Vega 56 mining rigs

ETH algorithm = 220 Mh/s (compare to 160Mh/s for RX580 4GB)
35% increase - mining with RX 580 gives a return (currently) of $230 per month, VEGA > $310 per month

Cryptonight algorithm = 11kH/s (compare to 3.2kH/s for RX580 4GB)
240% increase ( type 11 and choose kH/s to calculate estimate profits )
Cryptonight is currently the most profitable algorithm to mine (also for portfolio differentiation’s sake).

Same power consumption as RX580 4GB (1000W or below. About £300 a year in electricity saving, if priced at 10p per kWh)

Higher future resale value compare to RX580 (obviously)

6x AMD RX Vega 56 £3913 (£4695 inc VAT)

Other benefits:
Less heat to manage (every three Vega rigs, you save 1kWh in heat to cool … lower consumption on both electricity to run the rigs and electricity needed to cool down the room/warehouse)
Less hardware to maintain (based on the same hashrate, 6 GPU, 1 motherboard and one PSU less to maintain for every three Vega rigs)


Update on 1080Ti rigs: ETH hashrate of 240 Mh/s per rig of 5 GPUs. 48 Mh/s per graphic card. A 37% increase.


New and second hand rigs update:

GPU rig with 6 x Sapphire Nitro+ RX580 4GB

Brand new £1995 + VAT

Second hand in mint conditions (kept in server room like environment, 14 months into the 36 months warranty) £1500 + VAT - 2 available

Buy 2 or more to have delivery (within the M25 in central London) & setup included in the price (£95 value)

Limited availability, stock and prices may change at any time without notice.

Bulk discount for 5+ rigs

Inquiry for rig’s prices with different graphic cards

Shipping to Europe available or call 0207 866 2386

PS: one of my clients is selling 6 months old 3 x S9 13.5Th, 3 x L3+ and 3 x D3. If interested, get in touch. Bought directly from Bitmain. Have to go ASAP.


Prices of brand new mining rigs are now floating around the £2000 mark.

Brand new, RX570 4GB with 2 years Powercolor GPU manufacturer warranty £2145. Built to order with very short lead time (3 to 5 days)

Some used rigs available as well.


Hi Paulo,

Are you still making Rigs? We are located in SW London (Southfields).

Would love to know what you have available/ what you now offer, and some advice for a complete novice.

Many Thanks,



Hi Joel,

haven’t been much active on the Zcash forum but I still building mining rigs indeed. Bought about 100 GPU just in the last couple of weeks.

What is it that you are after exactly? Any algorithm/ coin you like to mine in particular?

Fell free to give me a call at any time.

Kind regards,




Hi Paulo,

Thanks for the quick response! (also sent a msg to your email account).

I think a call would be easier. Is it too late to call you now? If not let me know what time would be suitable tomorrow.

Many Thanks,




Hi Joel,

now is fine.