[Grant Update] Zcash Wallet Community Developer - Milestone 1

[Grant Update] Zcash Wallet Community Developer - Milestone 1

Hello community!

I’m posting the first update to the ZWCD Grant

Let’s recap!

Milestone 1: Objectives

Deliverable 1

NightHawk Apps: Support and Review Pull Requests for DAG Sync adoption and customizations in the new Nighthawk Wallet architecture based on Secant. (ongoing)

Deliverable 2
Zingo Labs: General support and Integration tests with Darksidewalletd (ongoing)

Deliverable 3
Zcon4 activities

Deliverable 4
LCWG re-launch: take ownership of the call schedule (Is ECC’s), coordinate with ZF to set up seminar or similar call with a public schedule and per-invite participation.

Deliverable 5

Attend Arborist Call, present myself and announce the position.

Updates on the Proposed deliverables of Milestone 1

In the following sections I will detail:

  • achievements: things that I was able to achieve in the defined objectives
  • Remarks/Comments: Details of things that I learned along the way of situations that
    are worth mentioning too add context of decisions made along the way/

Deliverable 1: Support NH on DAG Sync and other Tasks

Status: Ongoing (delivered but still be ongoing)


  • Helped NH reviewing their code, pointing out possible issues and bugs.
  • Reviewed User Data Migration path from legacy to new codebase and tested.
  • Contributed w/ a better workflow of the migration path that will only delete legacy data after it has been migrated successfully
  • Caught a bug in a 3rd party dependency that wouldn’t make that possible in the first place.

Remarks / Comments:

  • NH’s new app has interesting UX approaches that others wallets should explore.
  • Clean, lean and yet custom designs
  • Interesting feature 1: leverage local notifications that don’t go through Google or Apple servers but still let the OS remind the user to sync the wallet weekly or Monthly if the user chooses to.
  • Interesting feature 2: Crypto on-ramps with non-KYC CEXs

Open Source Contributions

Deliverable 2: Zingo Labs: support and Integration tests

Status: Ongoing (delivered but still be ongoing)


  • We were able to identify a case that is very important for Zcash wallets called “Second Flush of Enthusiasm” which measures the time that a wallet takes to be fully usable after being offline for 100 days of its user being onboarded.
  • I was able to create the SFoE dataset in a condensed form to later expand using darksidewalletd,
    also to start to document the bumps I hit along the way and even write a tutorial on Free2z

Remarks / Comments:

  • This was the hardest part of the grant because Zingo (formerly ZecWallet) has a complex stack due to dependencies to Zcashd Regtest. Zcashd imposes its limitations and also scarsely documented APIs.
  • I was able to create the SFoE dataset in a condensed form to later expand using darksidewalletd
  • We hit too many bumps on the road because of Zcashd Regtest being slow, resource heavy and not very docker friendly.
  • ZingoLabs is very heavily invested on integration testing and continously improving their codebase. :blush:
  • I’m continously in touch with the Zingo folks and they provide insights and support on questions
    I might have on their codebase and tooling.

Deliverable 3 & 5: Zcon4 Activities and Participating actively on arborist call

Status: delivered


We could identify and follow up on the frustrated attempt on LCWG to take action on the mempool spam issues. It came up that Ecosystem Outreach had been dropped as ECC responsibility and no one was actually informing wallets and exchanges what to do with ZIP-317 fees being now enforced
ZF and ZWCD will team up to carry on an Ecosystem outreach to address this problem.

Remarks / Commments:

The Role has been well received by all teams.

Deliverable 4: Light Client Working Group

Status: mostly delivered. Ongoing.


  • Contact ECC Managers and request them to transfer the scheduling, note taking repos and other resources to ZWCD
  • Organize Zoom Seminar or other kind of conference venue
  • gathered feedback of more global times (like arborist call) and propose new cadence
  • Provisional facilitated by Decentralistdan from ZF
  • Contact all wallet teams and previous attendees to invite them again to the LCWG calls those include:
    • Eiger
    • ChainSafe
    • Unstoppable
    • Edge
    • ZF Core team
    • ECC Core Team
    • Nighthawk Apps
    • Hahn / YWallet
  • I could help the ECC and NH teams to come up with action items to face the mempool bloat issue that wallets and nodes were facing because of not wallets not enforcing ZIP-317.


  • The ongoing changes and transitions made this bumpier as one would have predicted it would be, but overall nothing too blocking.
  • There’s a bottleneck on LCWG notes reviews that needs to be addressed. Either by relocating the repo under another Org and Maintainers or by agreeing on repo current maintainers to commit to reviewing the notes.

See Pull requests · zcash/lcwg · GitHub

Miscellaneous or Uncategorized items:

There were some items not categorized as deliverables for this milestone but that were relevant for my duties since they would unblock people and teams.

Ad-Hoc Code Review of Pull Requests for ECC’s Core Team and other tasks for Zec Wallet team.

Task Type Team Date Link
Review Darkside proto PR from iOS SDK Development ECC 8/25/2023 Migrate to latest `darkside.proto` to help fix Darkside tests by str4d · Pull Request #1191 · zcash/ZcashLightClientKit · GitHub
Review of Transaction Proposal Development ECC 8/22/2023 https://github.com/zcash/librustzcash/pull/891#pullrequestreview-1589874205
Respond to ZecWallet Lite Outage incident Community ZecWallet 8/22/2023 https://github.com/users/pacu/projects/1/views/2?pane=issue&itemId=36663397
Test and Debug of DAGSync issue reported by NH Community NH & ECC 8/29/2023 [#1223] Requested height [over latestheight] does not exist in the bl… by LukasKorba · Pull Request #1224 · zcash/ZcashLightClientKit · GitHub [Spend-before-Sync] Requested height [over latestheight] does not exist in the block cache · Issue #1223 · zcash/ZcashLightClientKit · GitHub
Review Draft for Possible ZCG Applicant Community To Be disclosed 8/28/2023 N/A
Adminstrative tasks Grant Task ZWCD
Project Management Tasks Grant Task ZWCD
Catching up with forums and community interactions Community ZWCD

Plans for Next Milestone: Sept 1st to Sept 14

These were the estimated task for the next milestone.

  • Zingo Labs: pull request review and support development, ongoing Integration testing work
  • Preparations for needed updates for iOS 17 public release usually mid september
  • Nighthawk Apps: Pull request reviews
  • Ecosystem outreach: Support partners (Unstoppable and Edge) adopting ECC’s SDKs release of Sbs (which will be paused)
  • Ecosystem outreach: ZIP-317 adoption efforts along with @decentralistdan from ZF.
  • LCWG, Arborist and other community tasks

It has to be noted that I won’t be working the second part of september (and it was detailed on the grant).