GTX 1060 6 GB tips?

Hello guys.Wanting to step in nvidia world.
I for start planning to but some gt 1060 6gb, but there are a lot of models
Any suggestion for now i have looked and found
that msi gtx 1060 6gb in my counatry has price about 395eur while asus strix gtx 1060 6gb has 430e,
so should i give more money for strix or they are the same.

Do they have simular sol/s or strix is better

Some cards overclock better than others. Some have better warranties. Some last longer than others.

Ultimately, a 1060 6GB is a 1060 6GB. Grab the cheapest one. Especially since cards are severely overpriced right now.

But the problem is that ASUS one skyrockets in price, + its uses more power, then the regular 1060, bcs it has monster cooling.

Thanks for the tip i save like 50-60 euro can invest in some power supply.

1 more question is 700W Corsair ECO power supply handle 3-4 GPU`s?

The STRIX is a premium card and usually associated with more cooling and higher clocks from the factory instead of doing it yourself. That’s why the price discrepancy. It’s up to you whether that’s worth the extra money.

A 700W PSU should be sufficient for 4 of them. If you’re going to skimp a bit on the PSU, I would suggest you make sure it’s higher efficiency. I’d go Gold or Platinum personally.