Help. Mining with rx 570

Hello this is my problem … i start mining and in one moment one gpu go off 0 mhz… i have 5 gigabyte rx 570 x gaming. I use msi afterburned for encresead the mh/s but i only incresed a little i hear for guys with the same gpu with 29 mh/s why i cant??

my second problem is that i have one more gpu shappire rx 470 and when i go to device manager I see it with a “!” say radeon rx 470 but with drivers problem.
please anybody can help me . i want to start mining …

Whatever card GPU 0 is can not take the overclocking you are giving it, back it down

yes… but how other guys with the same card and the same memory have 29 mhz… they say to me that i have to change memshift to 1500 before overclock with msi after burned , can this is true? how i change mem shift?

First - you asked for help, I’m letting you know the probable reason why one of your GPU’s is going to zero.

second, looking at your screenshot, you have all 4 cards synced together… desync them and set each one to whatever you want, but the 470 is not going to be the same settings as the 570

third - every single gpu is different, no matter if they are the same type. what you get on one 570 you may get more or less on from another 570. What you get on your cards I may get better or worse on mine, it’s referred as the GPU lottery.

thanks man… i will try desync them

CitricAcid, how do you desync the cards?
Do you mean overclocking each card one by one by themselves to the limits they accept, then add them all together one by one or all at once?

I’m asking, because I’m having the same problem. I had them overclocking one by one, but when I added all 6 together, then starred having problems with them and have up.

My brother stared from the beginning and left them with their original rom, and have just above 22Mh/s.

Thanks bro

Are they all the exact same GPU?
Are they stable when stock?

They are all Sapphire Radeon RX 570 Nitro+ 4GB and Elpida + Hynix chip.

Attached, please see the screenshot i just made for you.

Thank you

you’re getting about the average of what you are supposed to with them.

I would not OC each card separately, I would do it as a group. Find what works as a whole, the micro gain you may get is not worth the time and long term labor and baby sitting of the rig

Thank you for your input. I’ll try and see what I can do with them. i appreciate it.