Help with Z9 Miner please

So I received a Z9 (fullsize - Not Mini), when it powers up and starts mining its at about 13 Ksol per Chain. Immediately, Chain 3 slowly crawls down to 0 over about 30 secs to a minute . When it reaches 0, then chain 2 slowly drops from 13, down to 0 over about 30 seconds. Chain 1 stays then around 15 Ksol and remains there. I swapped APW3++ and now using a APW3++ I had on a L3++ running on 110.Same thing occurs. Does a APW#++ on 110 not have enough power to run all 3 chains? There are no X’s in the ASIC status. And no HW errors . Temps stay in the 40’s.on the 2 chains not hashing and 60 on the good chain. If I reboot, everything goes back to normal with all 3 chains at 13Ksol. then it all happens again. Went back to original FW . Still occurs.

On 110v the APW3++ can only give you 1200watts. IIRC the Z9 big does around 1150 watts. You will need to run this on 220/240v circuit.

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All the problems I had with my mini were PSU related and after I put it on a 750w Gold it ran flawlessly