History of hash function attacks: https://z.cash/blog/hash-functions.html

Check out Zooko’s article on the history of attacks on secure hash functions: Lessons From The History Of Attacks On Secure Hash Functions - Electric Coin Company

“The main result of this investigation is that a cryptosystem which is invulnerable to collision-attacks (even if it is still vulnerable to pre-image attacks), is much stronger than one which is vulnerable to collision-attacks. Another interesting takeaway is that it looks like sometime between 1996 (Tiger) and 2000 (Whirlpool), humanity might have learned how to make collision-resistant hash functions, since none of the prominent secure hash functions designed since that era have succumbed to collision attacks. Maybe modern hash functions like SHA-256, SHA-3, and BLAKE2 will never be broken”

There are pretty color coded charts:

Blog post about it: History of Hash Function Attacks - Electric Coin Company