Honest Answers to New Miners

Just thinking that there should be a post that spells out some of the realities and answer common questions.


Q1) I have Free power and am thinking of standing up a Zcash rig.
A1) Why, your power is free, buys some used bitcoin ASIC miners and fill up the spare room. they are only not used as not viable due to power cost…

Q2) I have an ASIC and want to mine Zcash
A2) please thank everyone that responds to you for not being abusive as you just showed yourself as not having a clue.

Q3) I just read about Mining and want in, so am going to build a 7x? rig, tell me how.
A3) Please read more, because 1) there are lots of instructions on how to in this forum and elsewhere 2) are you SURE that its a good use of that cash?

Q4) I used to mine ETH but since the change I am moving to Zcash
A4) welcome to Zcash, we have been expecting you and the over abundance of hashrate ETH miners are bringing to Zcash. Please note don’t expect huge profitability as the difficulty is getting real high. WhattoMine may point to Zcash and its forks but that only because very little else can be mined with GPU’s

Q5) I am going to mine with my CPU.
A5) and you are going to spend more on power than you get back. please think of your parents power bill. The Zcash difficulty is just too high for this now.

Q6) I need regular payouts so have to stick with xyz pool
A6) why do you need regular payouts, surely its more about daily / weekly income, not seeing how quick a counter moves.

Q7) I will be selling Zcash pretty much as soon as I earn it to …
A7) please do some more research, most of this mining community are here because we believe in this initiative and have a HODL attitude

anyone have some more? or want to engage in this conversation?


HODL for the WIN !

Good post :slight_smile: