How do I know where change went after 'z_sendmany'?

'z_sendmany' says it returns change to a new taddr (different from the source taddr). How do I know that new taddr and how do I get control over it?
I know I can reveal that taddr using 'decoderawtransaction' command. But is there a simpler way? Also, this taddr is not returned by 'getaddressesbyaccount' command. Is it a feature or bug?

The new T address will show up in the wallet - its balance will be visible. You can then spend from it.

also, if the source and destination are both z_addr's, there won't be a new change address generated, it'll just stay in the same zaddr. the listunspent command should also show you all change addresses, too, IIRC

'listunspent' shows the taddr. What is my supposed behavior relating to this taddr? Should I withdraw from it to another addr ASAP, or it is OK to keep it as is and/or use it as a destination for incoming transactions?

its fine to keep it, or send its contents to another address (zaddr if you want to shield it), whichever you do is fine

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