How long does it takes to see my worker in the statistics or ZEC in my wallet?

Hi Guys,
I'm mining ZEC with Native Mac Miner Release v4 (new GPU BETA), its been mining from 30mins and there is nothing in statisitcs at my address.

[14:40:13][0x0000700000081000] stratum | e[32mAccepted share #148e[0m
[14:40:14][0x0000700000081000] stratum | e[36mReceived new job #2e69e[0m
[14:41:08][0x0000700000187000] stratum | Submitting share #149, nonce 0100000000000000000000000000001a
[14:41:09][0x0000700000081000] stratum | e[32mAccepted share #149e[0m
[14:41:37][0x000070000028d000] stratum | Submitting share #150, nonce 0300000000000000000000000000002a
[14:41:37][0x0000700000081000] stratum | e[32mAccepted share #150e[0m

Depends on what mining pool you are using? Some don't update immediately, but within 30 minutes you should see something if it is setup correctly.

What are the things need to take care for set up, please help me in that.

What pool are you mining to?
What pool do you want to mine to?

Where did you get the native mac miner from?(link)


I found the link / miner you are referring to. Since I do not have a mac, I can not say for sure, but since the last update to this software was Nov of 2016, this software is way out of date and performance.

I am using, this mining software is working as you can see above, but I'm not able to see any progress on Suprnova, Have you used Suprnova for mining ZCash?, I'm successfully able to mine using my BTC address but the acceptance ration is less.

again, I don't have a mac, and I have not used the supernova pool, but I think you have to use a zcash t address to mine zcash unless when you registered with them they use a system like nicehash I don't know.

I know flypool, you can put in your zcash t wallet address, and after about 15 minutes you can see your stats, payouts, etc.

I apologize that I can not be more help