How many miners does know zcash?


how many miners does know/hear zcash?


Presently, there are no miners. The coin doesn't release until Oct 28th, thus mining doesn't start until then.

If your question is:
"How many miners will Zcash have?"
We can speculate, but there's no way to know this.


This is a deep and interesting philosophical question.


Make it a zen koan: What is the yield of ten thousand miners lending 0 cores each to the bockchain?


If one were to be part of the blockchain what would your reward be?


there is no ads about zcash.. so How many people have heard zcash?


@beyinsi I'm sorry but something seems to be lost in translation, what is your native language? We don't quite understand your question.


I will take a random guess and say the amount of people who know about Zcash is in the low thousands


how many ppl registered this forum? i cant see anywhere (like a statics)