How safe is Jaxx Wallet?

I’ve been using Jaxx on Android for about a month now, I’ve been transferring pool funds to the Java wallet on Ubuntu and from there, once a day or every other day, transfer the funds to the Jaxx wallet. It’s been very convenient to be able to see my funds on my phone, but how wise is this to do, really? How safe is the Jaxx system from hackers, etc.? Anyone else doing it the same way? Please share…

leave jaxx, i lose my money on it , no its not safe of course!!
i make a transaction and i lose my money, they really should change their job not doing wallet, to make wallet you need people very professionnel and they 're not for sure,gpu mining stop make promotion to something shitt, how much they pay you to said bullshit like that

There’s been a lot of FUD spread about Jaxx recently. It has it’s quirks and it is annoying that you can’t mine to it. Yes, if your machine is compromised you can have your keys stolen. But as @GPU_Mining says: It is designed for day-to-day usage: convenient access to small amounts of “cash”. You wouldn’t keep all your fiat money in a pocket wallet or billfold, would you? Get yourself a Trezor, Ledger, or similar, or use a paper wallet, for larger sums.

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I lose few days ago a transaction into jaxx using shapshift, my history transaction deasappear all the times so i cannot check any transactions, i already make cache, uninstall reinstall in chrome after the advice of the support, i show them the picture of the transaction, they don’t care, but really gpu mining don’t tell people go in jaxx ,it’s not honest from you, i read today lot of people in forum very desapointed about jaxx , some lose money like me…

Its really dangerous put your money, just go see whats people said about jaxx , the wallet is the most important thing, need people very competent to do it, you think its normal i cannot check my history transaction???one day a transaction that had disappear reappear, and i only make a few transaction…

Are you sure the issue wasn’t with ShapeShift? Have you contacted ShapeShift support?

What currency was it? ETH has been having significant issues over the last few weeks and I know that ShapeShift froze ETH transactions for a while.

no i didn’t contact them…but never happens something like that with shápshift to me before to be honest and my history transaction disappear so…the jaxx support didn’t suggest me to call shapshift.

It was Zec to btc

Thank you for you help but i don’t think you can help me,

Ah. The clue is the missing transaction history entry. I’ve had this
before: The TX failed, there was no entry in the history, but the wallet
balance reflected the post transaction value. I fixed this by resetting
the wallet. Are you sure you have tried resetting the wallet by going to
the settings section of the wallet?


Interesting question regarding HD wallets and integration with 3rd-party
integrations: How do you check the blockchain?

yes of course i’ve done it few times, its the only thing you can do…

the support ásk me make that before, they tell me not used firefox but chrome,…

Are you using the browser plugin? Try using the desktop app and restoring
using your backup key phrase.

yes ive just tried, its not working

Greetings! I also use Jaxx as my minig payout wallet. I have made single TX to zac4mac wallet and it was successful. I have read regarding Jaxx issues and logical question appeared. What wallet do you use now instead of Jaxx and why that wallet? Thanks