I want to build a rig

I would like to know what graphics cards to use and how profitable it would be with a 10mb internet, without paying for electricity services since here it does not cost anything, that graphics cards would be cheaper and with greater performance. I had in mind to use the “Gigabyte Radeon RX Vega 56” to mine Zcash

Hi there. Go NVidia.
GTX1070 or if you have the money and electricity is cheap, go GTX1080Ti.

I also would recommend GTX1070, but I would wait until the end of October when the price should drop with the introduction of the 1070ti. Just my opinion.

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Yes, the pricing should see a dip, there are also rumours of a GTX1070Ti release.

Anís cartujo XD

If electricity goes free for you, get some 1080Tis and OC them

GTX1070Ti rumor MSRP 430 USD.