Ideas for expanding the Community Advisory Panel

We are about to expand the Community Advisory Panel (CAP) by allowing existing members to invite one other person, and inviting applications from long-standing members of the Forums.

We’re interested in hearing the Community’s ideas on other methods for growing the CAP, and making it more representative of the Zcash Community, whilst ensuring that it remains independent. Please post your ideas and feedback here.


Glad to see the excommunication provision included. My account is too fresh, so here’s me publicly hoping to be someone’s plus 1.


Two ideas that come to mind, are to allow ZOMG candidates & ZOMG grant recipients to be added to ZCAP. I say this not only selfishly as I would like to be added to the ZCAP & am 2 months shy of the forum member requirement & am unsure if I will receive an invite, but because I feel that both of those additions would be indicative of active Zcash community members who would be valuable members of the ZCAP



How about inviting people who have made donations to Zcash ecosystem projects on Gitcoin?


I think anyone who has submitted a successfully merged community PR should be on the CAP if they so choose.


I also would like to be considered for a inclusion to the ZCAP.


One idea that comes to mind is to reach across to another community. The overlap between Ethereum’s community and ZCash community is considerable and there is a mutual respect between both communities. So my suggestion would be to also publicize the CAP article on expanding the community (Expanding the Community Advisory Panel – The Zcash Foundation) to the Ethereum community’s social media spaces such as the main Ethereum subreddit which is primarily used for dev discussions, and perhaps their stack exchange. That article contained everything pertinent for signing up for the CAP.


Any other cryptocurrency communities spring to mind? filecoin? TeZos?

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I’m not aware of too many communities that are supportive or respectful of ZCash. Largely this is because many communities view ZCash as a competitor or as an existential threat if they are also privacy focused projects or are working on adding a privacy layer. I feel like its better to go for quality than quantity when it comes to input so I would say the Ethereum community is the only community that I can see having a stake in ZCash technology. They want a privacy layer and they already integrated with ZCash to an extent. If we go for quantity we become sluggish and will have more difficulty achieving consensus. Over time I think this is what happened to Bitcoin.


It doesn’t look like the list has been updated yet but pre-emptive welcome the newly onboarded :wave:


I think that only ZOMG candidates who have reached a certain approval threshold should be invited to join ZCAP, as it would otherwise provide a simple path for anyone to get onto ZCAP by simply standing for ZOMG, even if they got zero votes.

I’m instinctively opposed to anything that could be viewed as “pay to play”.

I like this idea. Is there a list of such PRs?


there isnt a list that I am aware of but I do mention community PRs in the weekly forum updates.