Is it a good idea or realy stupid idea?

Hello, i am not so new in the world of minning i was more of a trade then miner.

My friend asked me a question, i didnt give a gooda answer…But i wont to know.

He has not so big of a budget and wants to start minning.

I recommened him to but Nvidia GPU and he did , he bought GTX 1060 6GB, but he hasnt that much money left to buy other equipment.

He has a plan to but some cheap eqm. then when he starts minning to invest that oney in new eq, with GTX 1060 he can earn up to 100e a month .

He wants to but some motherboard for 30e, power supply 600w 20e, ram 15e , cpu 35e and ssd 40e.He asked is that a good idea they all new hardware its noting used but its top of the line like.S o i dont know what to say to him .

So i am asking u guys.

You get what you pay for is what I always say

If you are going to expand, then you should buy what you need now for expansion or you will pay for it twice over.
And what Autotunafish said