Is mining actually legal please?

I'm from a departement of France and I'll do withdrawn each month to my bank account

People get arrested for feeding the homeless in some parts of the world. So, a better question would be, is it moral?


@jimmy97one61 Miner n'enfreint aucune loi ni en France ni ailleurs. Tout dépends du montant que tu penses retirer. Je te conseil cet article

Il devrait répondre à pas mal de tes questions ... Ou te perdre complètement :smiley: Vive le système français ! Clair comme de l'eau de roche.


Merci pour tes éclaircissements je suis bien plus rassuré :smile:

C'est la réflexion que je me suis fait en lisant cet article. Sinon tu peux aussi les revendre en cash par Local Bitcoin si tu es sur la région parisienne. En province c'est plus compliqué je pense.

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J'habite malheureusement en Guadeloupe c'est un DOM près de l'Amérique entre la Guyane et Cuba :slight_smile:

Ah oui là c'est moins pratique. Je vois très bien ou est la Guadeloupe :slight_smile: Bologne, Longueteau et Damoiseau sont des amis proches :tropical_drink:

Tu ma tué alcoolique anonyme va :laughing:

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You need to look at your countries tax policy, and as long as you pay taxes on it correctly you are probably fine. The government probably doesn't really care what you do as long as they get money out of it.


In theory, by mining, you help with the accountability. Yes, you might end up confirming transactions related to illegal stuff eventually but so does the banks for those criminals who hide their money. Everybody should go to jail then…

In regards of taxing, I agree the govt won’t care as long as it gets money out of your activities. I don’t support their taxing on mining tho.

Mining isn’t illegal dude, just check your local laws and in case of doubt try to use a proxy or something. But in general terms, it isn’t illegal. I’m not a lawyer tho…

I think we should give it time before governments and society comes to understand the world of cryptocurrencies.