Is this a thing now or did I just step in troll crap?

Considering the source, the latter seems quite likely…

Zooko just commented in that thread.


Ok… Zcash developments have gotten away from me. Where can I find out more about supply checkpoints?

Drop by the chat, we were just having a discussion on this very topic in #water-cooler.

Short answer is there is no such thing as a “supply checkpoint”.

If that’s a slack thing, I have no idea how that works.

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Its easy, just drop by and sign up (you can use a disposable email if you want) once you join you can see about 20 channels on left menu, join any that peak your interest and start chatting.

It would be good to have you there, we talk about all kinds of things with Zooko, Nathan, the development team, the professors working on zkSNARKS, etc… and of course other public Zcash users.