Is zcash dying fast or are botnets pumping and dumping?

I saw this on bitcointalk and it seems like a possible situation. I know the price has to settle out over time, but the price has dropped dramatically in a very short period of time.

Any thoughts on this?

didn't help that it was overvalued from the get go, partly due to giddy investors seeing it as the promising successor to bitcoin and wanting the first cream of the crop.
someone forgot to take into account that maturity is a thing within this space and that a first public release shouldn't guarantee exponential unicorns.
the ecosphere needs to grow and we are only in the early stages of the process.

y, botnets are mining the network seeing as current standalone cpu miners can run on minimum of 800m and running a basic query in your favorite device based search engine, there are hits in the hundreds of millions of x86 desktops openly accessible, what's new.
tradebots NOT botnets may be playing pnd, shouldn't surprise anyone.