Issue with zecwallet

Hello users, i have never had an issue with zecwallet until now, i have been using zecwallet since version 0.9.9, the latest wallet i was using and had no issues with was version 1.7.8 until recently, the last week or so the wallet would not load it would get stuck on the screen saying ‘starting network threads’, i thought no big deal i will just need to update to the latest version 1.8.1, i tried multiple times downloading it and each time it loads it says it can not connect, and that zcash.d is not supported yet.
i am stuck now with my coins in zecwallet and unable to access them, i thought i’d try zecwallet light and insert my private key there but it give me an error saying it is incorrect. Not sure what to do here to get access to my funds. Any help would be much appreciated

If the latest version of the light wallet still gives you errors then I would suggest maybe just waiting a litt bit longer for the latest Full node release

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thankyou for your reply, i tried downloading zecwallet lite for the first time today, it opens but once i try to enter my private key it doesn’t accept the private key i got from the zecwallet full node

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It likely still syncing, I’m not sure if it will allow you to interrupt that to import. It could be the key format as well, it begins “secret-extended-key-main” then the jumble of the key with no space in between like

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it had finished the sync, loaded into a new wallet with 0 ZEC, just imported my private keys to zecwallet lite and it accepted my private key this time, i must not of had the secret-extended-key-main in front my mistake, though it is taking an awfully long time to load up my zcash wallet currently stuck on loading screen, i’ll assume for now that the network is running slow and let it run and see if it finally loads. will keep you posted with the results

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i tried installing the zecwallet lite on my phone and on my pc nothing is working, zecwallet lite for desktop accepted my private seed and gets stuck on the loading screen, it say connected and is only showing a new wallet address with 0 ZEC. VERY VERY lost at this point, i can’t seem to access any of my funds. when last week i had no issues:(

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Go back to 1.7.8 , everything should work…

OR…download zecwallet lite 1.7.16 ( Releases · adityapk00/zecwallet-lite · GitHub ),delete everything completely that zecwallet lite has and install it again, download it completely from scratch and it just has to start

Reverting to a known working version can be helpful sometimes if you need it to display something like keys or tx history but I wouldn’t count on it executing a tx correctly, it may or it may not.
Didn’t ask but what OS build is this on?

i have tried that it gets stuck on the screen ‘starting network threads’ and doesn’t load into the wallet, i have tried other previous version with no luck, saying issue with zcashd report to github bla bla

I have had the same issue. I don’t know if staying on “Starting network thread” is intended but the node is actually already doing work and catching up. If you check the debug.log, you will see UpdateTip messages.

oh okay, so it is working though it probably needs a really long time to resync? you have been great hanh thankyou so much for your time and effort responding to me, and thankyou for that great video on how to change the server in ywallet i am trying that now and seeing if that will work. will keep you posted