Jason McGee (@aquietinvestor) Candidacy Announcement For ZOMG


My name is Jason McGee (aka aquietinvestor). I am a long time ZEC holder and active member of the Zcash community. I have a strong background in finance, accounting, and management. I am the former Head of Operations for a well-known hedge fund in NYC where I managed a team responsible for all daily activities related to trading operations and fund accounting.

Working in this capacity, I designed and implemented a framework of policies, procedures, and controls to create efficient organizational workflows. I also served as a project manager overseeing the development and maintenance of technology systems including a firm-wide trade order management system, security master database, and automated portfolio performance/risk management reporting suite. I am very organized and process driven. I believe my experience and skills would add an important and valuable perspective to ZOMG.

I left my job at the end of 2017 to focus on crypto full time. I currently work as a “self-employed trader and investor.” Said differently, I do not have a day job or any other professional obligations. As such, if elected, I am able to dedicate myself as a full-time ZOMG committee member, if needed. I could perhaps be the designated point of contact for all projects.

Zcash Community

Within the Zcash community, I am best known for being vocal about the Zcash Foundation. On multiple occasions, I’ve asked the Foundation to operate with increased efficiency and better communication, honor its commitment to transparency and accountability, and better serve Zcash users and the Zcash ecosystem. From what I hear, at least one member of the Foundation considers me the Bill Lumbergh of Zcash (“Yeah…about those quarterly transparency reports…”), which, admittedly, I think is both hilarious and somewhat fitting in this instance.

My interactions with the Foundation, both online and via telephone, have been respectful and constructive. I believe the Foundation generally (more or less) agrees with my assessment; we mainly disagree on what should be prioritized.

To be clear, I am a team player. I work well with others, and as a ZOMG committee member will work well with Foundation. I believe my track record speaks for itself. For example, when Chris Burniske recently raised concerns about how ZOMG is structured, I proposed an amendment to ZIP 1014 that would allow ZOMG to use its own funds to pay committee members a stipend and hire contractors without turning it into an independent operating company. The amendment maintains the integrity of ZIP 1014 and is a win-win for both ZOMG and the Foundation.

I hope you’ll agree, I don’t just talk the talk. I identify real organizational problems and offer realistic, concrete solutions that benefit all parties.


My vision for Zcash:

  • The mainstream alternative to BTC. A private store of value and medium of exchange.
  • The privacy layer for crypto (i.e. ZSAs/UDAs)
  • “Greener than fiat:” ESG is becoming increasingly important in the world. The narrative that proof of work harms the environment will be incredibly difficult to overcome. As such, I would like to see Zcash gradually move to proof of stake.

My vision for ZOMG:

I would like to see the Zcash ecosystem become more decentralized. Currently, Zcash is a 2-of-2 multisig governance model between ECC and the Zcash Foundation. ZCAP exists, but only as an “advisor” to the Foundation, which can vote against ZCAP’s recommendation. We need to do more to continue to diffuse power and become more decentralized.

I am currently conducting an informal poll, and so far the majority of respondents (1) would like to see ZOMG receive more independence and autonomy and (2) would not oppose an amendment to ZIP 1014 to make ZOMG a fully independent third entity. ZIP 1014 represents the community’s sentiment at a particular point in time. It can be changed. I would like to see more serious conversation about amending ZIP 1014 to address the concerns that have been raised by current committee members.

Having said that, if the current and incoming committee members agree to go forward with Dodger’s plan as a near term solution, I will support that. I don’t necessarily believe that the issues raised warrant ZOMG being put on hiatus, but I leave that for the current committee members and the Foundation to decide. Nevertheless, I would like to see ZOMG and the Foundation work together to improve ZOMG and evolve its structure in the future.



  • More standardized process development around reviewing and assessing grant proposals
  • Increased transparency and accountability for both ZOMG and grantees
  • Create an Advisory Board to mentor current committee members comprised of (1) prior committee members and (2) members of similar organizations (e.g. Ethereum, Tezos, and Algorand Foundations).
  • Aggressive outreach to encourage smart people to build on Zcash
  • More networking with existing crypto relationships to source ideas and talent
  • Experiment with Gitcoin, DAOs, etc.


  • Actively support projects that bring more users to Zcash
  • Actively support projects that add utility to Zcash and value to ZEC
  • More focus on non-technical ways to bring more users to Zcash
  • Fund the publication of education materials and position papers on relevant topics to educate the public on why they should be using Zcash and how to use Zcash
  • Fund the creation of regulatory-friendly marketing campaigns

Two additional projects I think would be valuable:

  • Regulatory fellowship: The biggest risk to Zcash is a global regulatory crackdown. I propose creating and funding a regulatory fellowship program (2-3 year terms) focused specifically on Zcash. The fellow could work at an established nonprofit, like Coin Center, and focus on global and domestic regulatory issues. The ideal candidate would be an established attorney, like Jake Chervinsky or Preston Bryne, currently focused on regulatory issues related to crypto.
  • Global ambassador program: Zcash is too US-centric. I would like to see ZOMG fund a program that sponsors “ambassadors” in European, Asian, and South American countries to host meetups and other educational events focused on Zcash. Perhaps these ambassadors could be future ZOMG committee members.


What’s impressed me most about Zcash is the team and community. The development team is incredibly smart and passionate, they operate at a higher level of integrity and intellectual honesty, and they are very thoughtful and careful. The community is open and vibrant. When the other folks (i.e. Monero) slander or troll and resort to ad hominem attacks, we take the higher road and focus on the issues. I very much appreciate that and am proud to be a member of this community.

Thank you to everyone who reached out to encourage me to run. I believe I have a lot to contribute to the Zcash community, and I would be honored to be selected as a ZOMG committee member. Or, as Bill Lumbergh might say, “Umm, yeah…if you could just go ahead and vote for me…that’d be great.”

Thank you,

Jason McGee

cc: @Shawn


I support you as ZEC holder in Republic of Korea.

KakaoTalk Zcash group (mobile messaging app in Republic of korea) has 150 ZEC holders.

Please contact me if you have any community members who need my help in Republic of Korea.


You have dismad’s vote.


I’m one of those who don’t support PoS, but I support Your approach to current issues. I was waiting for Your nomination.


I’ve been reading your posts with a lot of interest. I’m glad you’re running and think that with your background you could add a great deal to ZOMG!


Good luck @aquietinvestor !