Kost nheqminer windows build

Hello, how to build the source Releases · kost/nheqminer · GitHub on Windows. I have errors:


its source is only compatible with linux.you must use nicehash repo’s source

Kost has a package for windows that is supposedly compatible, but I too had errors trying to install it. The instructions even say to open it in Visual Studio so it’s supposed to be built in Windows.

I see in Readme at Github that “Windows builds made by us are available here: https://github.com/kost/nheqminer/releases”, but I can’t find it. Am I looking in wrong direction?..

New Release for windows Releases · kost/nheqminer · GitHub. But there 2 bins for Windows, what the different between them?

the best miner is atm https://github.com/ocminer/nheqminer/releases/download/V0.3a/nheqminer_v0.3a_suprnova_.zip

i’ve tested kost’s miner.its very bad atm

You must download C++ boost for windows, delete subfolder boost in 3rdpart folder of source code, then copy folder boost from archive you’ve downloaded to 3rdparty folder

But there is nheqminer 0.3a that has no hardcoded pool https://github.com/nanopool/nheqminer/releases/download/0.3a-any-pool/nheqminer_0.3a_nanopool.zip