Kraken Delisting and Temporary Suspension of Advanced Orders

I’m not sure how I feel about this announcement. The whole thing could have definitely been handled better.

I think the pair listings are their lowest volumes. So they are just trying to get rid of extra fluff that is not worth the profit? Not sure.

The delisting is what it is. I can understand that. However, there’s literally less than 24 hours notice which is just horrible customer service. The suspension of Advanced Order Types is a whole other animal all together. Again, very little notice and it’s a fairly significant piece of their site.

Yeah…I’m definitely going to go with “could have been handled better”.

Oh true true. I agree it does not help the customers at all with the short notice. There must be something that we don’t know that is going on behind the scenes.

Well putting on my conspiracy hat for a moment (which I don’t like to do because well, I actually like Kraken), they seem to have all sorts of issues at the most inopportune times. An example would be a week or 2 ago when ZEC started to rise finally after so long, magically Kraken had deposit issues with ZEC effectively stunting it’s growth once again. ZEC really seems to be having bad luck in that regard. Always something going wrong (with a third party) when it’s on the rise.

You’ll also find plenty ETH miners/users whom would love to string Kraken up due to DDoS attacks conveniently during spikes or drops.

Whether any of it actually means anything is obviously debatable, but all signs point to something being quite off. I’m gonna take the conspiracy hat off now…nothing good ever comes from that damn hat :wink: