Kraken's open and honest update

It’s pretty nice to have an honest update of them:

Let’s see next week …

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sounds good. I’m open to profit Kappa

They’re not the only ones that do this… I’m glad they’re working on it but why do sites keep on-boarding new people that they can’t serve? Newbies might not like ‘Application Pending on Availability’ but at least these exchanges could continue serving their existing users while they work on increasing capacity. Instead, the way they typically do it, no one has reliable access and the service still has to undergo an upgrade.

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My guess is that the site developers never thought this would happen?!?!?!?!

Even if they didn’t think it would happen, it did. Then they literally sat on their asses and watched as their site literally crashed or ceased to function under the load. They’ve been in this situation for months. Probably close to 8 months if not longer. There just really is no excuse. This upgrade should have happened in May/June. What’s worse is there are such few options people had little choice but to stick to Kraken. The influx of new users and the fees they’ve been getting were more than enough to cover the cost of more hardware, bandwidth and pretty much anything else that’s needed to get the site to stop acting so flaky.

Clearly I’m bitter. So many lost opportunities because of their failure to expand in a reasonable amount of time. I still need to use them for ZEC but I’m not at all happy about it. I really wish Quadriga would just add ZEC so Canadians have an option in our own country and don’t have to deal with the likes of Kraken or Poloenix.

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