Learn coding for crypto, and hacking crypto

I should have posted this before.

I keep forgetting how small the cryptography space is. If I am not wrong, one or two of the people that made this have worked with or for the foundation at some point. (but I might be wrong)

These people are pretty legendary. Have fun with the challenges. (and no I haven’t manged to do them all. I have done a lot though.) have you @str4d? :smiley: [please go easy on me, heh.]


It’s fascinating how a few key players can have such a big impact. I haven’t confirmed the foundation connection, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all. I’ve tackled quite a bunch, but there are always those few that keep me scratching my head. And hey, don’t worry, I haven’t managed to decode them all either! It’s all about the learning process, after all. I’m pretty new to this forum and diving into the whole coding-for-crypto scene. It’s like discovering a whole new universe of possibilities.

Have you ever thought about exploring the intersection of AI and crypto trading? It’s mind-blowing how Ethereum Code and similar concepts are shaping the landscape. Anyway, happy coding and hacking – let’s keep having a blast with these challenges