Let's see how much Sols we as a community have

So, let’s see how much Sol’s we as a community have, and wich impact that would have on the total nethash and diff if we all Switched to another algo…

I personally switched to Ravencoin X16R for a while and isn’t disappointing to me.

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It’s a interesting idea, but you won’t be able to prevent the autoswitchers (Nicehash, awesomeminer) from moving over when it detects the difficulty drop. As soon as that happens, it will make the coin rise in the profit listings and hashpower will flood over. That will seriously skew the numbers in my opinion.

Difficulcy and nethash already has dropped en little, en so does the price…

The price hasn’t really done much lately, and my guess is, it has maxed out …Will be a long time for we see much higher rates…So for me personally, i don’t see that much of profits coming in comparing with other equihash coins ho have much more potential at the moment…and i already sold my bit of Zcash for other equihash coins…

I am sure if we all switch, depending on how much we as a community have, the nethash will drop like a stone, alos the price…

It will send out a clear message also…

A mass Zcash dump on exchanges will do the same …

Oooooh yes. It is decentralization, guys ! We don’t decide alone.
I’ve learnt something in business, you cannot stop the movement when the whole market changes.

So, let’s try to find a way to keep on business.

Actually none of both of your bright ideas will work.

It has allready been mentioned that services like nicehash, miningpoolhub and others that have automated profit switching would fill that gap in lightspeed mostly even resulting in temporary more hashrate than it was.
This is just how the profit switching works.
2nd part you missed, there are allready Asics on the network, so even if there were no profitswitching pools and cloud mining operations and you were able to indeed stop ALL the communities gpu hash power, it still would leave the network with enough hashpower to continue to work. Actually only difficulty would go down for a very short period as than again immediatly my point 1 would come into place. Profit Switchers.

About Zcash dump on exchanges. I doubt that the community has enough holdings to seriously dump the zcash price. But let’s say you have all together an amount that is higher than 2M Zcash in USD, the price would dump a little bit for 1 hour at most and than it would correct again. I can not see any benefit for the dumpers in that case, nor any hurting for zcash. A lot of people would be thankfull for such dumping try and buy off the zcashs immediatly.

Just as a side note: Dumping and collusions to dump are criminal offences. I would think twice of posting something like that on a forum. Take it as a good advice.

Nothing you just said in reply to my comment seems to pertain to mine. Did you post against the right person? I was responding to a hypothetical of all GPU miners dropping off the network at the same time for 1-5 hours so everyone could “see” how much ASIC power was actually there. It’s a interesting idea, but there are variables that can’t be controlled, so the numbers would actually look “worse” for ASIC. But please, tell me how pointing a flaw out “in ASIC’s favor” is stopping the movement??? I may not agree with ASIC and Bitmain, but I will at least try to fight fair.

You so wrong. You seem to be trying so hard to stop members from doing any you don’t like! And for your advice about dumping. ZEC is suppose to be a privacy coin so If some say dumps 2 million in ZEC for another coin so be it it’s not a criminal offense. But say some one got in trouble for dumping. It would say one thing. ZCASH is not a privacy coin!!

What? This was a good advice and has in no way anything to do with stoping whomever.
You are maybe such paranoid that you can not difference a good advice from bad behaviour, ok, it’s your choice of course.

About the traffic drop thing even others (gpu supporters) will agree that the difference will be filled immediatly with nice hash traffic or similar. Just go ahead now please. I’am actually curious about how it works out and how fast indeed the multi algo profit switch things work. Please post some pics later as it would be indeed interesting to see. You should be fine here now, ok?

About the dump thing. It is a crime under US law and there are even bounties if someone of the dump/pump scheme is willing to witness. I’am even pretty sure that calling for dump or pump in a group is as well a crime under US law. It’s not if you do it your own of course. This was a good advice not you get in trouble eventually. But after i think about it, you know it better. So just go ahead with the dumping, get together as many as possible people and please let me know when the dump is happening, i’am more than willing to buy of some amount of some dollar cheaper ZEC. So you should be happy here with the corrected comment as well.
P.S.: The dumping law is not enforced by following transactions but by witnesses that give out the names or data about the people that agreed on a dump/pump group. There is a bounty for these witnesses, like 10% of the damage done or something like that. Can’t remember exactly how much. As said, just a free good advice, take it or leave it.

I don’t post against anybody.
By saying «we (…)» and «Let’s try» I think I included myself.

Oh wait, I think I get it now. You were posting in the clear (not a response to me). Now I think I follow you.