Liberty & Entrepreneurship Camp Summer Session 2017 Ghana, West Africa

I am Mahamamdu Abdul Salam, founding president of Centre for Liberty & Entrepreneurship a nonprofit research & educational think tank dedicated to the ideas of free markets, individual liberty, limited government interference, economic freedom, secured private property rights & Entrepreneurship. My think Tank has held several events promoting liberty, economic freedom & free markets. This Summer we have Liberty & Entrepreneurship Camp 2017 coming up in August on the Theme: Entrepreneurship, Growth & Competitiveness; The Blockchain to the rescue. The camp is a week long event with two days set aside as Block chain and cryptocurrency days. I am a crypto enthusiast and believe in the power of crypto currency for economic freedom & free markets in Ghana. Will zcash like to be part of this event? We covered a number of altcoins and bitcoin in our winter session and want zcash to take part in this summer

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