Linux optiminer

any details
how i can install linux
and then how i can install linux miner optiminer
any basic commands?

if you don't know how to use or install linux use put it on a usb disk 16 gb and run it . It has a simple dashboard

what is that is os?
have fees?
any details?

no fee, and has optiminer

Download latest version from
Untar the tar.gz, there is a bin that you can run. It works well and is very stable in my ubuntu 16.04:

tar xvfz optiminer-zcash-0.3.4.tar.gz
cd optiminer-zcash
./optiminer-zcash -s -u YOUR_ADRESS.worker -p x

ok also any link for
downlaoded linux drivers
i can not find any

what GPUs do you have?

asus 470 4gb with custom bios

good card



ok any link for downloaded linux drivers please

should be in the ubuntu video description
let me know if its not

Hello, is yours the strix 470 4gb? If so, could you share your modified bios?

Download Ubuntu:

Download RX470 driver:–Release-Notes.aspx

Install Optiminer: