Looking for feedback - Zcash Javascript SDK

Hi :wave: Liz here :slight_smile:

My team at ChainSafe Systems has put together a SOW for a ZCash Javascript SDK and are looking for feedback. Take a look, and if you have comments just add them to the doc or to the thread here.

Many thanks!
ChainSafe Team

Zcash Javascript SDK


Wouldn’t a block by block sync be terribly slow though?
As a MVP I thinks it’s great.


Looks good!
The document reads well, estimated human hours seems reasonable, and the idea is a promising missing link in the ecosystem. I would encourage you to try your best when writing documentation which is easy to follow and supported by a basic video guides if possible. I assume your using ecc lightwalletd?
If you decided to take on the added task of a lightwalletd which works with zebra could be wonderful!

I support and encourage your direction!
Good luck


Hi @james_katz - Yeah, we understand that block by block is slow, but our main objective is to create an SDK that will open up avenues for many more users to be able to tap into the ecosystem; our next objective will be for optimization but we want to start small and make sure we prepare the groundwork correctly first.

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Looks great!

I don’t think it’s possible to do Sprout with lightwalletd, because Sprout transactions aren’t included in the Compact Block format. Since Sprout is being deprecated, and transactions can’t add to the Sprout pool, new wallets usually don’t implement it.

Are you planning on doing integration testing with Zebra and lightwalletd?

Core Zcash protocol work is in the process of moving to Zebra:

Zebra has always worked with the ECC lightwalletd fork. If something doesn’t work, please let us know by opening a GitHub issue: