Love for Coda protocol

Why does zcash foundation show love for coda protocol using public twitter account? Why does it have to promote Coda protocol? (don’t they have their own version of zcash foundation :sweat_smile: for promotion and adoption)

Note: These are genuine questions.

I personally like coda protocol because of their usage of recursive snarks and constant size blockchain.

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why does or doesn’t?
I believe most people have big respect for the protocol, I think it’s a very powerful project.
I’d wish zcash could go back in time and startout with such features.
I don’t know the real benchmarks but I’d say it’s much more efficient than what zcash is capable today.


If you watch @daira’s Zcon1 talk, hir proposal leverages the same kind of recursive proofs that Coda uses. Coda as-is can’t be applied directly to Zcash, because a) it uses an account-based model, not UTXO (this isn’t a hard blocker, Zcash could e.g. use an account-based model for a new shielded pool if necessary and still be compatible with older UTXO-based pools), and b) their design doesn’t provide privacy (this would need to be addressed with future work). It’s very likely however that Zcash’s private scalability solution will involve the same kind of idea (though obviously not certain, this is still an open R&D question).