Low Energy Cost Datacenter


I am opening a low energy cost data center.

Time to get that noisy rig out of your house, and also save money doing so.

The fees will be simple just $25/Mo per rig + 8 cents per KWH. We take care of storage, internet, cooling, and management.

Rates can also be adjustable based on size of operation you want to host with us…

Email me nick@orcahash.com to learn more.

Nicholas Lim

you forgot the most important information: location

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There are other considerations:

  • Will the environment be dust-free?
  • Who holds liability if hardware is destroyed (accident or fire)?
  • Is there guaranteed uptime?
  • 24/7 monitoring? Security?
  • Location?

This is mainly for new users so you don’t fall into any traps opportunists might set for you. At the moment, this seems sketchy to me.


Location: Washington State

Will the environment be dust-free? - Yes to a certain extent
Who holds liability if hardware is destroyed (accident or fire)? - Owner holds liability for their parts
Is there guaranteed uptime? - No one can guarantee uptime
24/7 monitoring? Security? - Security = Entire building made of concrete with 40 foot walls and is bullet proof. 24/7 monitoring may be possible… May be possible to even give some customers their own room.
Location? - Washington State

Pics of your datacentre?

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Operation is not yet active probably going fully live in 1-2 months. Just gathering interest now so when were ready to go we already have people lined up

excuse me what? The side room in my house has merv 16 filters ffs. get that shit clean-room standard!

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We will see. We don’t like to advertise BS stuff unless we do it for real.

So far, we don’t see dust as a significant problem in our environment.

Dust is a significant problem over time as it causes heat buildup and lessens the lifespan of GPUs. I’m really questioning your professionalism for that oversight.

Further, you’re charging 8 cents per kWh, while Washington State has 2.5 - 3.5 cents per kWh rates. You’re basically charging people more than double what the electricity is costing you.

Security… “May be possible”? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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That works out at ~$60 per kilowatt month which is actually quite competitive and definitely not outlandish particularly for hosting GPU mining equipment.

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Well right now I personally run a mine with over 250 gpus in a “normal” environment and have had no issues with dust. I appreciate your concern but please refrain from making erroneous speculations.

Also this is a business not a charity. Our rates beat other datacenters by a long shot. Are you suggesting that I host your rigs for free? How could I possibly do that?

Our building is bullet proof secure

It is clear your experience in this sector is quite limited or that you are a troll

Post photos and testimonials from customers - which can be verified. You’re asking people to trust you with many thousands of dollars in computer hardware on a post. You didn’t post a link to your site as well, but it’s easy enough to get it from your email.

Your whois report gives nothing, but in a situation like this where you’re asking people to trust you, it’s odd not to make full disclosure.

And since your domain was only registered a few weeks ago, you’re just starting up with this “trust me, I’m gonna ‘watch’ your miners for you” endeavor. Do you have any miners of your own? How much skin of your own do you have in the game? Many here have a ton of money invested in their operations. I’d surely not trust someone with my hardware.

When you actually have something to sell, come back and try again. Until then, you’re gonna need more than a come on of “trust me…” to get folks around here to bite.

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I don’t have any customers for this operation yet, right now I am collecting them.

Thanks for your concern, but I have personally invested more into mining than most people on this forum.

Don’t tell me about skin in the game, when you have no idea what I am working with and it’s probably 1000x what you have.

Furthermore, if you don’t trust it don’t use my services! It’s that simple. I am the one helping you out here.

Let’s see some photos. Oh, and name calling with put downs isn’t really in good form. Forums have long memories and so do users. If you’re selling something you’re gonna get pressed for facts that prove your legitimacy. I’ve seen enough now after this post.

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Name calling with put downs? The guy is whining because I am honest about not running a 100% dust free environment which I can assure you very few public datacenters actually do and then cries when I take ONLY 4 cents earnings per KWH… Unbelievable

You guys are just the general trolls and critics who can only criticize - never contribute anything of value. Typical of forums and that is why I refer to you as you are: trolls

You make too many assumptions, and good for you if you’re rich and all that!

NB: Since you make a claim, you have to prove it. Telling people essentially to piss off or putting them down when they hold you to proving your claim really don’t work to tell on folks. You have a long way to go.

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I think at this point, everyone has seen enough of what you have to offer.


Prove what claim? I don’t have to prove anything to you. You are a nobody, but what claim are you even talking about? Everything you say is just a bunch of whining you sound like a teenage brat

Agreed - a high quality service that is honest and up front with everyone including the dumbass trolls