Low Energy Cost Datacenter

I’m also at that scale and can tell you that microdust will build up on fans and become an issue. Cards require maintenance every 4-6 months to perform optimally and to ensure longevity.

I’m not suggesting you host rigs for free, just build it into the monthly price rather than a hidden electrical fee. I think a good hosting service is needed, but you have to expect that experienced miners here are going to give you a lot of scrutiny so that new users don’t get taken by a half-baked host arrangement. You would expect that of any random user on here offering something without any website documentation.

Also, I’m interested in seeing your hosting contract and if the location will be insured in case of fire, etc.

It is clear your experience in this sector is quite limited or that you are a troll

That’s really unnecessary.

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The pricing really depends on the scale, of course for larger operations we will offer further discounted electricity rates but if someone is only shipping 1-2 rigs it really only makes sense at that electric rate which even at that rate is far below 99% of places on earth

stop being a jerk and just gtfo

Let’s not forget who’s the one trolling here

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You state that you don’t actually have a DataCenter yet but are “testing the waters” then when users question your methods/motives, you refer to them as trolls?

Since you are new to the forums you should know that you are not the first to offer these kinds of promises on this forum. Several “Cloud Mining” services have scammed users out of funds before so the burden of proof of ability to deliver on promises (and interact with skeptics) is the responsibility of any new service provider.

Also, know that name calling is against the Forum Code of Conduct. https://forum.zcashcommunity.com/faq

This thread is now closed, you can contact me to re-open it if/when you have an actual DataCenter and wish to interact with the forum in a positive manner.