Mad Mining Club 0% Fee EU, US, and Asia servers

  • Load balanced, Multi-Server
  • US Servers in NY & SF
  • EU Servers London and Amsterdam
  • 0% Fee
  • Working payments
  • Vardiff
  • Full stratum support
  • HTTPS site and SSL stratum
  • Payouts every 180 seconds
  • DDoS protected

US Server: stratum+tcp://
EU Server: stratum+tcp://
Username: Your ZEC address.worker
Password: x

ZecMiner64.exe -zpool <address.worker> -zpsw x

miner --server --user <address.worker> --pass x --port 4444 --pec

If there is interest I will setup similar clusters in other countries

Need help? contact me @Madbuda or on telegram

New Stratum ASIA:(RUSSIA, CHINA, JAPAN, AUSTRALIA) use and which ever port matches your miner.