Manufacturing Consent: NoamChom's Nu6 Block Reward Proposal

All solid proposals worthy of consideration in my opinion. The question is how can we eliminate the noise in each and simplify it in such a way that’s easily understandable and evaluated by the average community member. I think this is key so the majority are able to make an informed decision when the time comes.

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You nailed it. verbose enough, but not too much.

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Do you mean, during this call?

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Yes! my response above would be for continuation around the 1:08:00 mark, where my connection dropped :frowning: /conversation continued on to other topics needing to be covered.

Thanks @noamchom for the feedback. Like this if you agree with @noamchom that timelines are a major issue for my proposal.

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As Josh also has, here are some continuing suggestions to my original proposal.

Both the ECC and Shielded Labs have indicated no interest in being directly coded receivers of future block rewards. Johnathan at Qedit expressed interest, however also isn’t interested in direct/ wallet coded distribution. He/ I are in a general agreement that if the ecosystem wants Qedit on retainer via new block rewards, that ideally Zcash Foundation would act as the direct recipient/ and then act as the distributor of those ZEC to Qedit.

In order to retain the 15% block reward total that I support most, I’m suggesting that the original 4% ECC and 1% Shielded Labs, go instead as 3% to ZF and 2% to ZCG.

This now unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) creates a situation where Zcash Foundation would be the only organization with a wallet coded directly into the protocol for block rewards. The additional 3% for ZF should be earmarked primarily to ZF’s Major/ Minor grants program, and market emergency mode ZEC buy-backs.

This degree of block rewards centralization puts even heavier faith in the corporate/ legal/ governance resources at the ZF, so at some point I hope @Dodger has time to share his thoughts about the recommendation.

I don’t believe that it is in Zcash’s best interest to further govern/ managerialize (going into a grants only model) the activities of the many development teams who are now here supporting the project, and who are already struggling to build synergy/ efficiencies among themselves. The teams/ researchers/ engineers/ infrastructure efforts are already carrying enough on their shoulders (all of the teams that I recommended for direct block subsidy have easily enough detailed work in their roadmaps to keep busy for 3-4 years), in my opinion, there just is not a strong enough case (right now) to be made here, to add even more work (the process of authoring grant proposals/ deliberating on which team is approved for what scope, cost negotiations, in-flight grant evaluation, et al… the sort of stuff that we’re seeing right now with Zcash Media).

Again, I love the concept of Zcash as grants only, but I don’t believe that the project teams/ ecosystem governors are ready yet, nor is it reasonable to think that we can create a deployable solution for a grants only model in 12 months.

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