Miner- [NiceHash] Zcash CPU/GPU for Linux and Windows

You can copy OpenCL.dll dll to the folder and fix this issue. Here you can find OpenCL.dll file

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it vanish when i run my miner.

after giving the username it generate the error.

Anyone knows this error?

Running ubuntu 16.04. Installed the nheqminer_AMD miner following all the instructions at https://github.com/nicehash/nheqminer7.

I can mine with just one GPU no problem. Can switch between them. But when I attempt to mine with two, it crashes. Using the command:

./nheqminer_AMD -l zec.suprnova.cc:2142 -u NAME.worker_1 -p XXXX -t 0 -od 0 1

I also tried:

./nheqminer_AMD -l zec.suprnova.cc:2142 -u NAME.worker_1 -p XXXX -t 0 -od 1 0
./nheqminer_AMD -l zec.suprnova.cc:2142 -u NAME.worker_1 -p XXXX -t 0 -cd 0 1

I can only get one card to mine if i drop the 1 or the 0 and just have one card listed.

Anyone else running into this problem?

mac Version is finished
get it here;

Worker not authorised error:

Mining on nicehash.com requires a BTC address for username not ZEC address.

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hi, Im seeing alot of complains about ppl who dont know how to build nicehash miner for Linux. Way dont u guys add allready precompiled nicehash miner for diffrent distros like this guy here


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GTX 1080 give me only 25sols

How can tune set it in tune? Can u give me sample?

As of today my Bitdefender Antivirus has started reporting version 0.3a and 0.4a has being a Rootkit and a Trojan. It will not even let me go to the GitHub page and it now states there is Malware present.

Nice hash has not paid the past 2 blocks.

You can check pool payments here (sent): https://explorer.zcha.in/accounts/t1beVEDuviJV1vDGuNLXZZSwzYQibbbP4ov

Any news when the new miner with nvidia enhancements will be released?

We are still testing it :slight_smile:

Mh well a bit more speed..let the community test too. There are some expierenced devs, IT System engineers that help ..
All nvidia users are so desperate atm hope before the weekend starts we all get an awesome friday 11.11.2016

Hi I use nheqminer for mining with my xeon E3 ( 23 sol/s) and would like to use my old graphic card also.
The card is hd4870 and it is not supported under win8 b/c of too low openGL ver. Support.

So I installed an sgminer as well to initiate that card.
It does work in direct nicehash BTC lottery mining but when I change the stratus server address to equihash It doesnt conect to that pool.
Is that even possible to run two diffrent miners at the same time?

sgminer -o stratum+tcp://equihash.eu.nicehash.com:3357 -u BTCADDRESS.Worker10 -p x

That card is too old to mine ZEC. TeraScale and below generations are not supported. I have 2 HD6970s that are also too old.