Just b/c it isn't using 100% power doesn't mean it isn't finding solutions at its max rate.


wow bro i want to pick your brain


I have 6 r9 380 each in 12 sols / s, can be put in 17 sols / s?


Got the SA kernels in my 0.4 release. Not 46Sols on my Fury, but peaking 36Sols on a single instance. Now I hope to finally be abel to address stability issues.


where di you download from


Cheers man! testing right away!


We have silentarmy built into zcash v1.0.0 running stable with one card one thread at 22H/s rx480. We also have multiple threads that can be ran from our zogminer repo.

I will be working on getting zash to use more threads as well as multi-gpu support some more.



I have it running stable with two threads in zcash 1.0.0 now. Average solution rate on mainnet 32H/s


Multi-gpu does not work in current relise?


Any time frame on this 1.0 release?


Wow i admire your work


You could post some evidence. Until then I will stay in the real world.


You think I'm pointing you at it. Find it yourself. You'll be last to get it.


It's been discussed over on bitcointalk, author mentions possible crowd funding to get paid for it... "Your" is just an ass hole


In other words I'm right.


For the record: I do believe 100+ Sol/s is possible on GPU. I am working on optimizations to get silentarmy to this level.

I also believe an RX 480 or R9 Nano can almost certainly beat whatever a GTX1070 can do because this Nvidia GPU doesn't have a particularly high global and local memory bandwidth.

Genoil's ZEC Miner

even if a rx 480 can beat a gtx1070 in the future, profit from mining zec within 1 week will be 1% of what it is now. We might be mining something else by then.


Any news about new releases?


which is why the first to get access to 120 sol/s 1070 miner will win


wouldn't it be in your best interest to keep silently mining and not try and brag on forums for attention?

I mean you stated already you won't be giving out links to accomplish this


I am currently investigating why silentarmy doesn't work on GCN 1st gen GPUs (reports 0 sols). As soon as it's fixed, I'll work on stratum support, then work on speed optimizations.