Sorry, you looking for OpenCL.lib file, and for windows opencl projects you need OpenCL.dll inside your program directory.

Ok find the file, changed it to

LDLIBS = /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/amdgpu-pro/OpenCL.lib -lrt

AND now I get
n/ld.exe: cannot find -lrt

hi guys, if someone build on windows. release to everyone. the comunity need it

use 16.3 please so that we can easily switch between Eth and Zcash

you can make a partition on your hard drive with the two systems, or use a removable usb memory

Now getting a few hundred errors like this

main.o: In function check_clCreateBuffer':
C:\MinGW\msys\1.0\home\Win\silentarmy-master/main.c:93: undefined referenc
e to

Hope it will support stratum specification https://github.com/str4d/zips/blob/77-zip-stratum/drafts/str4d-stratum/draft1.rst

Great job guys!! I think everyone expects windows built. If someone makes the miner.... please share it to community

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Or don't. Please don't. :stuck_out_tongue:


Funny how greedy some people are(like Toomim....) and others just donate it to the community.....

what you expect from someone who charges 2 grand for 3 month cloud contact for 20hs

Sincerely I feel sorry for buyers......


I have over 200 gpu's so i can offer 60hs for 3 months for 2 grand :stuck_out_tongue:

Finally compiled it in Windows 7

When I run
silentarmy.exe I get

Solving default all-zero zd-byte header
kernel.cl: partial read

Good for you.... We have a better offer compared Toomim :))

can I know which BIOS you are using ?

Moded bios by me.. it`s not public. Doing 29.5 Mh/s on ethereum

Whats the command line everybody is using. I am getting



Solving default all-zero zd-byte header
kernel.cl: partial read

:frowning: . well hopefully you can get it to work :slight_smile:

Adaseb, when you getting all on work, please share with us.