Miner- Zogminer: Linux SILENTARMY

The miner is not yet finished, as I always say, have patience guys. You can go ahead and test it, but bear in mind this is not finished software.

Update October 23:

I have been working on getting the host code integrated in zcash and improving it. I have added early support for testnet mining, and I am now working on stratum support. Next objectives are multi-gpu, stability fixes, etc.

Lots of work left, but I will be working on this full time until release.


When you connect to zmine.io the miner runs very fast as at screenshot is shown,
but I think that zmine.io still doesn't let to gpu mining.

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Thank you very much by clarify, omaralv.

Worth every donation keep it up Genoil also as one wowow lets do it!!

One cuestión, if you use the this miner GPU, i can mining other coin with de CPU, the miner zogminer use GPU And CPU to solver bouthg???

Thank you
Sorry my inglés

So 1000w power supply would run everything fine?

Also is there a big difference in speed with the 470 compared to the 480?

Just want to get some info before going out to buy a few cards.

Will we be able to mine with windows?


For anyone that managed to get this running, hows the power consumption compared to ETH

Does anyone have the same issue then me? https://github.com/nginnever/zogminer/issues/17

Edit: Ubuntu broken no screen anymore :confused:

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I've had almost the same issue. This happened to me (black screen) because I used internal Motherboard GPU prior to installing drivers and once they are installed – Ubuntu switch your default driver to amdgpu-pro. Put your HDMI cable into your external GPU and it should boot properly.

check the wiki il https://github.com/nginnever/zogminer/wiki/Ubuntu-16.04-Setup to verify if Headless Systems chapter helps you

Where can i find the function list?

Is Ubuntu 16 and AMD GPU Pro required in this initial version? I have a number of R9 290s mining ETH, but on Ubu 14.04 and the 15.12 driver with Claymore. I see the mention of 16 and Pro in the setup guide on the github page, but it doesn't say it's required. I would love to test out and help with debug, but don't want to have to dual-boot as I'm remote from the systems.

Great job as usual. Not to squeeze it past 30H/s :slight_smile:

I have to rx 480 and they pull about 166 watts each. My r9 290's pull about 280 watts each.

Mine pull 83-90w mining Ethereum

I mean how much does it pull mining ZCASH compared to ETH?

Same power consumption? Less ? More?

Should be roughly the same , is my guess

No different algorithms use different amounts of power.

Scrypt used almost 300Watts on a R9 280X. While ETH used 175Watts on the same card.

is the GPU AMD miner compatible with 14.0x Ubuntu? I also want to take this opportunity to thank you for your contributions.

Any of you people are actually mining with the zog miner if so let me know!!