Movie Night

This ones about the giant muslim internment camps/prisons

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Good passes for the Eastern hemispere, I might get a low one on the last day but that all depends on if scheduling changes

This was the thing that doesnt actully require a SDR but just a decent amatuer band capable radio (its on 145.8), a sstv decoder and a way to record the audio if you want to decode it later

The GOES data collection continues, this was from Himiwari8 and is a crop zoom of a Volcano eruption south of Japan, there is a day missing but otherwise pretty cool, its just left of the dot in the lower right, starts at about 20 sec

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err, what is this? is this you? heh.

what does a meteor look like on this? im guessing it is the pinging noise.

Lol no thats not me, thats meteor scatter detection using SDR, they’re using a Canadian analog TV signal as a reference
Basically the TV signal goes into the upper atmosphere where a potential meteor might be and the signal bounces back down to the reciever so it looks like a ping that last about as long as the meteor does, sometimes they’re erratic which just depends on how they actually burn up
I tried it once but here stateside its all DTV which doesn’t cut it, a strong radar signal would work as well but don’t have that either

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lol, even tho i live thousands of miles away, i actually feel slight safer for knowing this.

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I thought this was cool, someone has used LBRY and HIVE to start an archive of old film. This footage is now on the internet forever. LBRY network is hosting the video and HIVE has immutable text so the url will always be available there pointing to the video on LBRY network. Very interesting and cool when you think of the possibilities. Its really a mind trip when you think about it, a lot of this video was taken over 100 years ago almost to the day. Look at where we are now, amazing what humanity has achieved.

Lets aim for venus… what is next for 2020?

If you are in the uk or have a vpn you can watch tonights “the sky at night” about it.


In case anyone missed this:

I ordered a dvbs2t2 tuner for fta (free to air satellite tv) and also for a local ATV (amatuer tv) station nearby I learned about. Its broadcast on 421mhz cable ch 57 (OTA 57 is 721mhz) so if there were a station (which could also be just a single ham technician) nearby, you could pick it up with an old (and new supposedly because backwards compatible) cable ready tv and antenna tuned for the channel, this local station broadcast on Thursdays, will update. The s and t in dvbs2t2, I think means satellite and terrestrial as dvbs is required for FTA and this ATV is dvbt (all non amatuer in US is ATSC)
I could use a SDR but its about a 6 mhz BW and my RTLSDR V3s are only 250khz, would need an airspy at least, probably something more akin to hackrf

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