My rig disconnects from the pool quickly

Hello. I have serious problem connected to my rig. Whatever I do, what configuration I set it gets disconnected from the pool. I put default settings but it cats.It cats several times during the day. I connect to my rig trough Team Viewer. And very often it goes offline and i have to restart the PC to have it online. I can’t think about any solution. Please help me and advise what can I do to solve the problem. My video cards are 4 x gtx 1080.

Thank you In advance.

what do you have your cards overclocked to? that would be the first thing i would look at.

As Edward said, what are your clock speeds. Also are you running it in Windows with an antivirus software?

Hello guys. Thanks for the answers. Will attach the picture of configs. Also I have windows 10 but no antivirus there. Windows’ native defender is on. Also my windows is not activated.


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It maybe the mem overclock. What vram do you have? Samsung ram can clock to 5500 on a 1080 but hynix ram is usually much lower. For example one of my 1060 with hynix will only overclock +550 But the Samsung 1060 will handle +900. Try lowering your mem overclock and see if it stays stable. Try +500 for a day or 2 and find out what happens.

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