My wallet address changed and I am worried that my hashing work was lost...? How to restore previous address?


My interest for ZEC sparked sometimes in the first half of 2022 I have managed to do quite well by running a fully synced node up alongside funakoshiMiner.

However I am now facing the problem that I need to “port” my old generated ZEC address into my new ZEC installation.

My steps up to now are:

  1. I installed zcash node + generated ZEC address (May 2022);
  2. installed funakoshiMiner pointing to previous ZEC address(May 2022);
  3. because of space issues I had to reinstall ZEC @ /opt/ZEC instead of /home so I started back @ (August 2022);
  4. My node is synching, the miner is still hashing (And about to reach that checkout threshold of 0.01 balance) to address of May 2022 (August 2022);
  5. Concerned that my August 2022 installation will never see the hashing work done since May 2022 as it has a new address)

To express myself differently, after I just installed zcash last week, instead of issuing “./src/zcash-cli getnewaddress” and start pointing my mining to this new address that I am looking to accomplish something like this fictive command “./src/zcash-cli setoldaddress MYOLDADDRESSHERE”.

But OF COURSE I do understand that there should have been a wallet.dat(Ref.: Zcash Full Node and CLI — Zcash Documentation 5.2.0 documentation) in my old ZEC install (more specifically under ~/.zcash) but this file is not there:

$ ls
banlist.dat  blocks  chainstate  db.log  debug.log  fee_estimates.dat  peers.dat  zcash.conf

So now I am very worried that once the pool sends to my old address that all of this brilliant work of mine will forever be lost.

At this point I believe that my next step should be to restore my May 2022 installs and issue some sort of export command yet I am unable to find any of that. Furthermore since the official documentation mentions that this wallet.dat should exist I am thinking that perhaps another approach would be optimal.

So my question now is: how can I restore a previous wallet address into a new ZEC installation when wallet.dat does not exists off a fully synced node?

If you were able to generate an address without performing the emergency seed generation process then you must have been using a version prior to 4.7.0 and ypu can recover by importing your backed-up private key.