Nanopool Stats not aligning

Hey all.

Been lurking around for long enough, figured I should get an account and get involved with the discussion.

I have two 8gpu 1080ti rigs, and currently both mining with nanopool. The stats on Nanopool for each of my rig, seem really inaccurate compared to what EWBF is reporting on the screen. Nanopool seems lower.

Anyone else experience this or have some insight to educate me. Thanks

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Found this answer in an eth forum. Fyi for the next noob.

Pools, and blockchain explorers too, are not reporting the hash rate that you see on your system from the miner’s output. They are reporting a hash rate based on the rate at which you are mining blocks with a given difficulty. In other words, if you mined X blocks in 1 minute with a difficulty of Y, they can calculate your effective hash rate. They don’t know the hash rate your miner is reporting locally, which is calculated based on the number of hashes your GPU kernel ran during a timed interval. Since, the pools use the block mining rate to calculate an effective hash rate, that rate varies considerably, because there’s a variance, due to statistical probabilities, in when and how often you actually mine a block (or part of a block in the case of pools). What you are seeing is perfectly normal on a pool hash rate report.

To add to this: The stratum protocol allows your miner to communicate its hashrate to the pool. Some pools list this “reported hashrate” next to your effective hashrate. Don’t get confused by the two.