Need help with zec-gt-walett v0.5.9

Hello! I sent ZEC from this wallet. It was debited from the balance, it did not reach the addressee, and TXid is not displayed in the blockchain. Tell me how to contact the tech support of the zeс-gt-wallet platform

Who can I request the correct TXid from?

ZEC QT Wallet is very out of date and most likely not supported. Transactions are likely to fail. If a transaction fails or is not broadcast, your original sending address should still have the funds. However, the UI might incorrectly assume the funds are gone.

You can confirm by reviewing the debug.log file for what happened.

I would suggest you backup / export relevant private keys, then use a newer version of the wallet and import those keys or wallet.dat file. Part of the process will be a rescan (or reindex) which will check blocks from the start of the block chain to current for value in the private keys you own.

Thank you! Do I need to download Zecwallet FullNode to my computer?

or rather Right?

Either the zip or msi file, the zip can just be extracted and run and the msi is an installation package

Thank you very much! Installed the new version and balance in place!