Netherlands Based GPU as a Service


Getting a cloud contract fixed on a specific coin might not always be the best thing for you, but once you have it you can’t really switch (unless you can resell the contract).

We’re starting MLaB that will be offering GPU’s as a service. Instead of getting a resource (e.g. 10 H/s) you will be getting a dedicated GPU for a fixed price (month, quarter, year, etc). Because you have a dedicated GPU you can mine anything you want and switch between coin’s if needed. This you would be a lot more flexible.Any miner from a trusted source will be allowed on the platform. You can also rent entire rigs, which also gets you the storage (for e.g. StorJ) and the CPU

We’re currently extending our farm with around 160x GTX1070 cards available for hiring. Prices will depend on duration and amount of cards rented, but starting at a price of 50$ per GTX1070 a month.

If you have any questions, drop me a PM

Interesting service, but price should be more competitive. Currently GTX1070 can make 48 USD/month mining ZEC.

it is the highest price if you mine per month/day. Makes sense if we mine ourselves we’d get about the same. If we sell you a contract for 12 months @ 50$ were stuck on that … if the price hits 100$ you’d make an nice profit. And the price for 12 months might even get some discount depending on how long you take the card and how many.

Even then the GTX1070 does 430-470 H/s, if you look at similar ZEC mining contracts at those hashing rates you’d be paying a lot more then 50$, so its very competitive, especially if you consider your free to change the mining app/what you mine on your card (or even dual mine!)

In addition we’d be adding rig housing too, so just power + simple cooling for your rig(s) housed in our farms. As we buy power in at bulk and have combined infra its a lot cheaper then setting up your own small farm.