New Card Released - GTX 1070 Ti. How does it performed?

This was on Zen, but the ZCash values are almost identical. Card 0 is the EVGA SC 5671 1070ti card 1 and 2 are EVGA SC 5173 1070 (fairly strong running 1070s though)

There are 4 photos, but really 2 sets of photos. The higher sols/sec were just looking to get peak numbers without caring about the watts used. I was able to get the 1070 tis higher, but not by much. Maybe 530 sols/sec at 180w. The lower sols/sec were looking to optimize about where I will run everything. I also took photos of the Afterburner settings for the 1070s and the 1070 tis. Long story short, the 1070ti aren’t much faster. Sols per dollar they are about the same as the 1070. The only real advantage of the 1070 ti seems to be that they look to be about 6-10% more energy efficent than the 1070.