New mining device, please evaluate

Hello everyone,
I’m new in mining, I want to have your opinion for this device.
Thank you …

I’m new to mining too, and about to build a similar system myself. I’ve got tons of experience building systems for gaming, and for professional environments, so based on that plus what I know of mining I would say that if you’re going for a 6 GPU system in the end, you may want to do 2 PSUs @ 750watts each or 1 x 1500watts (6x150w for 6x GTX1070 = 900w +250 watts for mainboard/drive/cpu/fan overhead buffer of at least 15% for optimal voltage regulation = 1322.5w) . You could also get a cheaper CPU and heatsink and be just fine unless you’re gonna be mining on the CPU too. CPU mining isn’t really worth the risk of burning out the CPU and crashing your system IMO, plus it strains the motherboard more than GPU mining will.

I’m thinking about using one of the new T-series low power 4.5w Kaby Lake CPUs in my rig to reduce power load, but I’m not sure if that’s optimal for mining… need to do more research on it. I think it should be fine if all the CPU is doing is sending / receiving block data from the internet to and from the GPUs.

I just ordered 2x Asus Dual Fan 1070 cards for my rig… I almost went with the STRIX like you have listed, but the Dual was only $400 with similar overclocking so I went with it instead since other than price they are very similar cards.

My only thought on the board you list is that if you ever want to do any gaming on it there’s no SLI support for Nvidia cards, only Crossfire. If it’s strictly mining though that doesn’t matter.

This MB looks promising too, and a great price @ $129 for a Z270 board with built in 802.11ac and 6 pcie slots - Used - Very Good: ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 GAMING-ITX/AC LGA 1151 Mini ITX Motherboards - Intel -

Or this STRIX board with 7 slots for another $100 - ASUS ROG STRIX Z270E GAMING ATX Motherboard Wi-Fi -

The ram is whatevs … apparently that makes little to no difference in hashrate so go as cheap as you can… even 4gigs will work just for mining.


@TenaciousJ did a good and honest evaluation of your system.

Thank you, thank you, thank you very very very much for helping me.
Thank you again

You bet… hope the info is helpful. I’m in the same boat as you tryin’ to figure this whole process out, but I’ve learned already that the more information you get the better.

Keep us posted!

Hello bro, do I need this to connecting power supplies

If you’re using 2 psus you will. It allows them both to turn on at the same
time when the motherboard power switch is triggered.