New mining pool

why pay for 1.5 % for solo mining. when we just launched our pool have yet no one mining yet. it is same as mining in solo. plus other benefits:

Our pool just launched on 07/15/2018. it is not the biggest or first pool in the world but it will guarantee on profits by using the most powerful server on the market. optimized to get the most blocks as possible (fast ping 30ms -170 ms to ensure your miners submit block faster than other pool click here to see comparison)
Jackpot program: all online miners are qualified in one condition. At least one of your worker must be online all day or all week or whole month to receive the jackpot otherwise disqualified. We write our own program that live update all miner address and randomly pick out one winner of the day or week or month.All winner will receive prize after one month online.

Giveaway program: the one of first 50 miners will receive $1 eth…one of 100 miners will receive 1 ZEC. One of 1000 miners over 2 ksol will receive 1 btc.All winner will receive prize after one month online.

Neat website! Love the graphics!

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Am I missing the link? DId someone remove it?

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I was joking in fact :smiley:


Dude!! you gotta add —>> (sarcasm) when you do things like that, or something because this late in the afternoon I can not see the tree’s in the forest



Posted 9 hours ago, account created 10 hours ago. Hmm.