New Mining Rig(gtx 1060) OC?

Common knowledge is not enough if you do seriouse mining. 1060 Asus Rog strix best results gives with 372.70 driver. Anyway, you can always try it and prove it or unprove.

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@dushan76 - before mining Zcash, what were you mining before?

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BTC, LTC, Pascal, Dark.... ETH......Everithing :grin:

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which version of cards are you using?

For ETH - AMD rx 470/480
For ZEC/HUSH - Nvidia 1060/1070

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Hi, have read all the reply’s and see ppl tweaking and get differents results on the GTX1060.

I use the following gear:
*ASRock H81 PRO BTC R2.0
*Gigabyte gtx 1060 windforce oc 6gb - 3x

Currently i’m mining on and they have two miners:

  • EWBF’s - 0 3 4b
  • Excavator - v1.1.4a

I found out that with the same settings i get an higher sol/s with EWBF’s miner.
So now i use that miner to mine and excavator to tweak my settings.
Because it shows the efficiency per watt uses.

With my current settings:

  • Power 76%
  • Core Clock +100mhz (1750 - 1810mhz)
  • Memory +350mhz (afterburner: 4151mhz; GPU-z: 2075mhz, dunno why they differ)
  • Fanspeed: 60%
  • EWBF: 838 - 850 sol/s / 58C - 68C
  • Excavator: 812 - 815 sol/s / 59 - 69 *C
  • Efficiency: 3.11 H/W

But when i crank up the power, the efficiency seems to drop.
Do you guys have any the tips how get the same efficiency at full power?
It seems i can only do that by increase the menctrl. I just dont know how.

I tried increasing the gpu clock and memory clock but i havent noticed any significant effect.
Turning the power seems to be the only variable that does.

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You have to find your sweet spot. Lower the power to wherever you want it to be set to then up your core/mem clocks until they either become unstable or there’s no further change in Sol/s. That is your sweet spot. You just have to decide where you’re wanting to be power wise and what temps you’re comfortable with. There is no specific settings because each physical card is different. Another option would be to set a realistic Sol/W goal you’re looking to achieve and adjust your settings until you reach it.

Note you’re going to get more Sol/s out of EWBF than you will out of Excavator.

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Just wanted to post my results, this thread has been EXTREMELY helpful, so thanks everyone! I took the 1949/4333 clock settings from bladedshard and backed off the power to 85% then boosted the GPU clock to compensate back up to 1949 again. I’m consistently getting 3.15 Sol/W or better now, which is truly amazing compared to my previous AMD RX470 setup. I included my card info as well, it’s a Zotac AMP! edition with dual-fans (I set the fan to 50% so my temp stays below 70 degrees). I’ll post again tomorrow when I have a full 24 hours of mining to show.

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Not quite 24 hours, but 16 seems pretty stable. Ordering another one of these cards today.

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I have my MSI GTX 1060 6GB ARMOR OCV1 at core of 2213MHz and Memory at +827MHz. Very nice card that I have been using for 6 months, with Temps never exceeding 64c at this clock, and is very quiet even at 100% fan speed. Doing this even yielded better performance of my CPU somehow in which I do not understand either. My 8GB of G.Skill Aegis DRR4-2133 (2x4GB) improved by 5% and I created a 30GB page file on my HDD for ram, because GTA V loves my 8GB. Pentium G4600 is used with a H100i that I modded into my Deepcool TESSARACT case, keeps the temp at 40c on medium to high loud on quiet settings, very nice. MSI Z270 SLI for $100 new is a real Deal! and a Ultrawide for $199 (LG 29UM59A-p $399) is a great deal too! My OS drive that has been in 5 PC’S has 29k Hours and is getting kinda… old. So I might get the M.2 500GB for $122 Samsung , from eBay that is on sale now.

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I just set up dual EVGA 1060 8g OCs and my first tweaks are 85% power limit, core clock -52 and memory +415. My SS is running ETH on nanopool: They jumped from 19.5mh/s out of the box to 22.1 per card. I’m guessing 23 should be doable and I’ll find out, but so far very stable.

They’re sitting at 65 and 69c which is cooler than my 1070s.

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Can you guys help me with an opinion? Which graphic card model is better between ZOTAC GTX 1060 6GB AMP EDITION, GINWARD GTX 1060 6GB PHEONIX, EVGA GTX 1060 6GB. Can you make me a top 3 with these cards? Thank you so much!

  1. Evga
  2. Zotac
  3. Ginward

this is my opinion.
but i think that the best one is MSI, then i prefer Gigabyte.
Asus good but more expencive for nothing…


Any comments?

I found that with a 1060 6gb that the best effienty is 65%.
and then just do the highest OC it can run stable

Hey there.

New miner here too building my first rig. Only have 3 GTX 1060 to start with but I’m wondering what I should set my overclocking at. I have a 1000w PSU so I hopefully can run 6 cards.

Any suggestions for a new miner like me?


First you should read here more.

I’d recommend 75% TDP, +150 GPU, +350 Memory…
…to start with. This should give allready a nice Setup.

Then adjust more.
Lower TDP -> more efficiency but lower Hashrate.
Higher clocks -> more efficiency and higher hashrate but maybe unstable. Might need higher TDP.

How about this ?

I got a 1060 6g last night. got it going pretty well.

Hi, could you help me?.. could you show me how the motherboard bios (h81m-plus is configured?