New Pool【】 lowered to 0% in 2016 (lucky reward 1% + PPLNS) tested in testnet

The core of the pool is from eXtremal-ik7 work Zcash Pool Frontend

Lowered to 0% pool fee by the end of the year!

Reward is lucky reward 1% + PPLNS share reward!
Reward scheme is tested in testnet. Welcome for joining!

Lowered to 0.1% fee by the end of year 2016!

Way to show clients, workers information for pool owner:
vi ~/nginx/html/static/s/templates/coin.html

“/Client” search for Client
Change the line above data-ng-if=“stat.clients > 10”
to >0

Then the pool will show Clients numbers.

No one joined my pool. I will change the code to add lucky rewards (Coin generated-poolFee)*luckyRewards to the lucky guy and others share the remainder with PPLNS and do the test on testnet. Will temporarily switch to testnet later.

Finally the luckyRewards (now set 60%) get tested in testnet. Two block found and payment as expected.

t1T7mywDfWhgQXGDvpJL1Zgc9Tm2E5RQCrv f (lucky one)
Balance Requested
0 zec 5.80464211 zec 5.80464211/7.2804=79.7% =60%(lucky reward) + 19.7% (share reward)

Balance Requested
0 zec 1.46847749 zec 1.46847749 /7.2804 =20.2%

Pool fee 0.1%
Balance Requested
0.0072804 zec 0 zec

Total is (5.80464211 + 1.46847749 + 0.0072804 )=7.2804

7.2805 - 7.2804=0.0001 transanction fee?

14568 00009d4fb665195c2cd78265b5f2121c633db6dea4c5c7e5fc34f636ecc55776 2016-12-02 22:49:10 4 7.2845 zec t1LAwR5ikJh7ThpxEawA8DMCoVrtELrrEKa
14560 00055af24f3a47f22d9aae8fbbcd9f4cf97d06a92caa637b0b722e22bfb2bdf7 2016-12-02 22:30:16 12 7.2805 zec t1T7mywDfWhgQXGDvpJL1Zgc9Tm2E5RQCrv

Switch to mainnet and welcome to join my pool!

The reward is lucky reward 60% + PPLNS share reward! Pool fee is 0.1%.

I am changing the lucky reward to 1% and pool fee to 0% to see if anyone has interest.

Welcome for testing.